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Messaggio  Gionata Nencini il Sab Mar 22, 2008 3:42 am

Mi scuso per il testo in inglese. Sono i dati che ho pubblicato per Presto li tradurrò in italiano.

From Dalian, China

To Bangkok, Thailand

Traveller Gionata Nencini Click Here to See the Profile for Gionata Nencini

Date May, 2006

Cost (US $) 1500 RMB (165 USD)

Shipped by Sea

Shipper Company name Soli - Trans Speditions GmbH Dalian

Shipper Web Page more details

Shipper Contact person name Fu Hao Manager

Shipper Contact person email

Shipper Room 4708 Dalian World Trade Center 25 Tongxing Street, Zhongshan Dist. Dalian China.

Tel: 0411-82538386

Fax: 0411-82538387

Mobile: 13942620827

Shipment Web Page more details

Recommended Yes

Rating 5 (Great)

Details Sea cargo container from China to Thailand

Without Mr Fu Hao i couldnt be ale to do anything.

It took me 2 months to find him and after that 1 month for us to find the way out this hard situation.

First of all the custom needed a embassy personal excuse because of my getting in China without the proper permission.

After that i found out everything pretty cheap and for reasonable
price. Warehouse has been easily convinced to do not let me pay more
than 6 months parking.

The crate wasn t fumigate and costed me 500 RMB (50 euro) and 3 hours wroking of a worker whome charge was 100 RMB (10 euro).

The pick up of my bike in the crate from the tourist custom to he
container one costed me 200 RMB and the shipment itself 800RMB.

I had to leave China so my bike staied far from me for 3 months
where mr Fu Hao took care of it and sent it to me once i got in bkk
where i emailed him to let the bike departs.

It took 12 days from China to Singapore and 3 more days from Singapore to Bkk.

For the long time it took me it has been easier for me to find a
job in China and an accomodation than arrange this shipment, so i
thought i had been right pay Mr Fu Hao some money to give him back the
time and oney he spent to call around and walk around for me around
many offies.

I gave him 1000 RMB (130 USD) but he didn t want them.

If you ask him about any other shipment from anyother place in the
world to anyother, he mght be able to make you in contact with the
right agent.

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